Book Title: Multi-Vitamin

Publisher: Beyond Health

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Our Multi-Vitamin supplies your body with essential vitamins and minerals and picks up where other brands of multivitamins leave off. According to the Institute of Medicine, most people are not receiving the recommended amounts of micro-nutrients needed daily and a multivitamin helps provide these key missing nutrients. In order to help your body run at its optimum performance levels, you need many different vitamins and minerals all working together. Since we lead such a busy lives, it's hard to eat all the food you need each day to get the proper amounts of nutrients. To get them separately you could be taking over 20 pills a day, that's why our Multi-Vitamin is your answer to getting all the essential nutrients you need in just two small tablets each day. The ingredients in our Multi-Vitamin help activate your body's metabolic machinery, offering your immune system added strength to help keep you well and providing extra power to every cell in your body. Made in the USA