Battle for Glory (A LitRPG Harem Building Adventure Book 1) by Cat Wilder

Battle for Glory (A LitRPG Harem Building Adventure Book 1)

Book Title: Battle for Glory (A LitRPG Harem Building Adventure Book 1)

Publisher: Smokin' Hot Press

Author: Cat Wilder

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Cat Wilder with Battle for Glory (A LitRPG Harem Building Adventure Book 1)

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In the Player vs Player Virtual Reality MMORPG game Battle for Glory, it is kill or be killed.

A working stiff, a ‘nobody’ who mans a helpdesk in real life, Harry only feels alive while playing the game. There, he becomes a ‘somebody’, the powerful barbarian warrior, Cormac mac Brocc, who takes what he wants when he wants it. He enjoys his sessions with his friends … until the glitch in the game changes everything

Now trapped in the Game with no hope of escape, Harry struggles to make the best life possible with the skills of his barbarian warrior avatar. Then he wins a magical item, the Heart of Aphrodite, that gives him the kind of charisma every man in the game desires.

While women are drawn to him, their men desire to claim the magical item for themselves. In the Game, they do that by killing him. Due to the glitch, Cormac isn't guaranteed he'll respawn.

With two beauties at his side, a warrior and a healer, Cormac sets off to create a new life. But nothing ever comes easily, and death and destruction await our noble barbarian and his two sultry companions. Only if they manage to fight their way through this, may he find what has eluded him his entire life.

This LitRPG harem book is adult themed, both bloody and sexy. Prudes and the squeamish should avoid lest your hold on sanity be shaken.

This book is in the same fantasy universe as the Gamer Girl Series:
Gamer Girl Caught in the Game
Gamer Girl in the Orc King's Harem
Gamer Girl Grinding the Dragon's Lair

About the Author:
Cat Wilder has been writing SF and Fantasy under another pen name for years. For all of those years she wanted to really let it rip and tell some truly wild and wicked stories. The e-book revolution has given her the opportunity to tell her sexy stories. Cat is married with way too many furbabies.